Sunday, 11 January 2009

Christmas LOs

After quite a long scrap block (and a few personal issues going on) I have finally got back scrapping and here are the LOs I have produced this week!
The first is of my oldest son putting on the mankini I bought for my husband - he was showing his dad how to wear it!! I used papers from the Bellaboo december kit (they are lush)

For our home group secret santa we had a limit of £5 and it had to be an ethical gift. I pulled my husbands name out of the hat. I searches high and low for something different and eventually found these pants to poverty pants and knew that i had to get them - even tho theywere more than the £5! The papers were more from the Bellaboo December kit

Christmas Eve - Again using more papers from the Bellaboo December kit a portrait of James and I on Christmas eve!

My 4th LO using the Bellaboo December kit (and I still have lots more left!), this is DS3 on Christmas morning

For 20 years my mum has taken part in the grannies vase competition at golf (since the year her first grandchild was born). She finally won it in 2008 and so we had to get a photo of her together with all her grandchildren and of course the prized Grannies Vase! The papers were from 3 jolly scrappers

Over the Christmas holidays my mum lets the children go mad with the party poppers but they have to fire them over her lights! The 2 LOs have a series of photos showing this and journalling to say what it is all about. Papers were the scrapaholix dec kit

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Jenn-Lee said...

I stumbled upon your blog as we were searching for a blog name for my moms new blog. I love your scrapbook pages and as were looking my husband commented that he calls mankini's "banana hammocks".We rolled over laughing and so I just thought I would say hello. :) I might be back, not for the mankinis but for your cute creations! Have a great day!